Stretch Film for Packaging

Covering goods with stretch film not only protects them from various environmental factors, such as moisture and dust, but is also an easy way to secure them.

We have an extensive stretchfilm range, in which you'll find a great variety of stretch films and dispensers to suit your specific industry sector application.

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  • Hand stretch film

    Hand Stretch Film

    We provide different types of hand stretch film, including anti-static and anti-rust hand stretch film. We also supply coreless hand stretch film for more effective stretch wrapping.

    A cost effective solution for pallet wrapping is the process of pre-stretching which increases the film's strength, improves its load stability and reduces the volume of film needed. For food products, we recommend using cast stretch films with excellent optics, gloss, strength and cling without additives.

  • Mini stretch film

    Mini Stretch Film

    Mini stretch wrap is used to wrap smaller products and goods. NovuPak provide hand roll-sized mini stretch film made of LLDPE-polythene. We also have holders for mini stretch film.

  • Stretch film dispenser

    Stretch Film Dispensers

    Stretch film dispensers are designed to aid the user when applying stretch film around pallets and bundling items. Stretch film dispensers are ideal for use with standard core stretch films.

    NovuPak provide hand-held stretch film dispenser, mini roll applicator handles and speediwrap stretch dispensers trolleys.

  • Machine stretch film

    Stretch Wrapping Machines

    Stretch wrap machines provide maximum efficiency while reducing labour and film costs. The machines are a packing essential where large volumes of stretch wrapping is required.

    Our range of stretch wrap machines includes machine stretch wrap film for both semi-automatic and automatic machines.

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