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Sustainable Packaging Materials & Products

NovuPak is committed to assisting our customers to use sustainable packaging materials wherever possible. Together with our suppliers, we are constantly striving to improve our techniques and technologies to create more environmentally efficient packaging Products and to develop innovative packaging concepts and services.

Whilst packaging often receives poor publicity, most packaging users understand the need and importance of protecting goods during storage and transportation. In addition, packaging and labeling is used to provide important information, security and compliance with government regulations.

As part of many continuous improvement projects, NovuPak works closely with their customers and suppliers to provide environmentally friendly packaging products using sustainable material wherever practical.

Our environmental management systems are among others certified to ISO 14001, an internationally accepted standard that defines the requirements for establishing, implementing and operating an environmental management system and the supporting audit program.


Corporate Social Responsibility in action

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goes so much further than just doing business in a green way. It is part of a greater whole.

We also pay a great deal of attention to safety, health and the living environment. We dedicate ourselves to honest work practices and have agreed upon a number of codes of conduct with our stakeholders and employees. Education - and awareness programs are part of our employee induction program.

We also share our knowledge with interested parties and participate in various CSR related platforms and knowledge organizations; moreover we are members of many organizations. This is how we further develop our knowledge, how measure our performance on sustainability standards, and how we can develop new initiatives for future sustainability programs - an advantage we are ready to share with all our stakeholders.

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