Design and manufacture

Customized Packaging Solutions

NovuPak is one of the leading companies in the design, manufacture and assembly of customised packaging solutions for new or special applications, or for the protection of valuable and fragile products in both storage and transit.

Bespoke packagingWe work closely together with our global supplier base to develop new packaging materials meeting the latest industry regulations whereby sustainability is an important factor. 

Moreover we can use leading 3D design software, an extensive range of packaging materials and a variety of manufacturing and assembly processes to:

  • Deliver enhanced levels of protection, so you can ship your products with confidence
  • Improve cost-efficiency, to help reduce your packaging and transport costs
  • Eliminate excess packaging, to reduce waste from your shipping operations
  • Respect the environment by using easily recyclable and sustainable materials wherever possible
  • Make packaging easier to use by freeing up labour and storage space for more productive use


Develop - Manage - Test - Systematize

There is a growing demand for specially designed and customer-unique solutions. The fact that we are not dependent on any one particular material or manufacturer means we can always find the best solution for each unique project. Our in-house CAD designer with access to cutting tables creates a customer-unique packaging solution that precisely meets your needs.

Flexibility in the process is important and we can quickly provide a sample in the right size and format so that you soon can get a good picture of what the final result will be. If needed, we can provide different testing capabilities to ensure that the packaging meets your needs. 

Our customers get exactly what they order; no surprises along the way. 

Construction & Design

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About NovuPak

By working with our suppliers and partners, we provide you with access to an extensive range of packaging products and services throughout Europe.

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