Benefits of working with NovuPak

Benefits of working with NovuPak

We use our European network to bring you local benefits, based on our combined expertise in manufacturing, product development, logistics and sourcing.

These are the benefits you gain when working with NovuPak:

Total Cost Reduction

With a wealth of experience and expertise, NovuPak is ideally placed to advise you as to how to save costs in your packaging operations across Europe. We work with our customers and suppliers to deliver cost savings in:

Packaging Distribution in Europe Contact
  • Administration
  • Storage and Transport
  • Labour / Packaging Automation
  • Damage / Returns
  • Packaging Waste
  • Working Capital

Brand Protection

Damaged products, returns and inappropriate packaging not only results in increased costs, but it is also a source of customer dissatisfaction that can reflect on your brand. Our expert team will ensure your packaging is fit for purpose to protect your product and also your brand.

Standardisation of your Packaging Products and Systems

Our strong relationship with global suppliers and our expertise in sourcing ensures consistent delivery of products, systems and services to all of your operations in Europe.

Rationalisation of your Supplier Base

Working with NovuPak allows you to reduce your packaging supplier base and reduce the costs associated of dealing with multiple suppliers.

Control of your Packaging Operation

Take total control of your packaging spend with our online packaging management system, tailored precisely to your needs.

Online purchasing can transform the speed and efficiency of your packaging procurement, driving down your inventory costs and ensuring that you have the exact products exactly when and where you need them.

Our management system gives the flexibility to order at any time, while giving you peace of mind by allowing limits to be set on order value, frequency and product range. You will also have access to spend, usage and wastage reports.

Could you benefit from standardised products and systems?
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About NovuPak

By working with our suppliers and partners, we provide you with access to an extensive range of packaging products and services throughout Europe.

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