NovuPak - European Partner Program

A European Network for Packaging Solutions

NovuPak is the leading packaging company providing European packaging solutions and services to companies operating throughout Europe.

NovuPak provides customised, innovative solutions to a wide range of industries including Automotive, Healthcare, Electronics, Industrial manufacturing, 3rd party logistics and distribution centers, Aerospace & Defence, FMCG, Fashion and Retail. 

Our in-depth sector expertise allows us to really understand the needs and trends of our customers and to convert this knowledge into innovative product – and services concepts which increases operational effectiveness.

We operate in 12 countries with 3 centres of excellence in Europe allowing us to meet the requirements and needs on both local site level as well as the Pan European level.    

Our mission is to provide packaging solutions that result in cost savings and increased efficiency in our customers’ operations. We do this by working with our customers to explore the entire manufacturing and logistics flow – the products, inbound and outbound logistics, work in process, brand requirements and customer expectations  – to find areas where we can improve productivity and increase profitability long-term.

NovuPak is independent from manufacturers, allowing us to offer unbiased advice that is right for our customers. However, we work closely with all leading packaging manufacturers to continue developing techniques and technologies to create more environmental efficient packaging products and innovative solutions. We strive to continuously expand our range of products, services and expertise.

Is NovuPak Right For You?

  • Do you operate in multiple countries in Europe?
  • Do you need to reduce your total cost of packaging?
  • Are damaged products and returns resulting in increased cost and customer dissatisfaction?
  • Could you benefit from standardised products and systems?
  • Are you looking to benefit by rationalising your supplier base?
  • Would you benefit from central control of your packaging spend?

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About NovuPak

By working with our suppliers and partners, we provide you with access to an extensive range of packaging products and services throughout Europe.

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